Investing In Thoroughbred Horse Racing

To get returns on your investment in horse racing, you need a disciplined approach to the amount you invest in the selections we send you. For this reason I suggest you follow this Investment Plan which is points-based and will allow you to steadily profit from my selections.

The confidence in my selections will be shown based on a 1-5 points Investment Plan, with 5 points being a maximum investment. To understand how this works, take a look at the following example.

Starting with a bank of £1,000 you divide this into 200 points where each point is worth £5. If I recommended a maximum 5pt investment this would equate to 2.5% of your bank, so your investment would be £25 (5pts x £5 = £25).

My recommendations show you how much to invest in a particular selection as points from your bank, for example:

• 1pt win + 1pt place - a total of 2pts x £5 = £10
• 2pts win + 1pt place - a total of 3pts x £5 = £15

As your bank grows the value of a point will increase, but your investment will remain as a percentage of your bank, e.g. 2.5%.

For example, your bank grows to £1,500 so 2.5% of this means that a point is now worth £7.50 and a maximum 5pt investment becomes £37.50 (5pts x £7.50 = £37.50).

Using a small percentage of your bank allows you to continue investing in the selections sent to you, whereas investing a larger percentage of your bank could put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

The beauty of using a percentage of your bank is that when on a winning streak your stake increases slightly and if you are losing they decrease.

You should not be swayed from this investment advice. Stick to the points recommendations.

In the long term gamblers always lose because they don’t know why they win or lose, whereas professionals always know. What’s more, gamblers usually vary their stakes too much and rely on luck to win whereas professionals only ever rely on skill.

Gamblers usually place bets frequently, whereas professionals do the opposite, only investing when the right opportunities come along. So if they spot that a horse is over priced by a wide margin compared to their own calculated odds, they use this knowledge to their advantage and invest accordingly. In this way are they able to make long-term profits.

Three Components to Winning:

Handicapping: Using your skills to find the contention in races and then forming your own very accurate betting/odds market.

Attitude: Keep your feet on the ground and discipline yourself. Trust your own judgment and never listen to anyone else, have conviction whether right or wrong and knowing in the long run you will make profit.

Money Management Skills: Just as important as finding live contenders, never risk more than 2.5% of your bank. In this way you keep your bank healthy, providing of course you have the right Attitude and manage Handicapping

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